How to make an epic first impression online


JUNE 2, 2018






How to make an epic first impression online

It’s like a first date. Before you meet up with your potential new love interest you wash your hair, brush your teeth, select your fanciest pair of knickers and put on your most flattering outfit (and maybe do a bit of low key stalking on their social media pages, right?).

The only difference with making a good first impression online versus real life is that the person you’re trying to impress (in this case, a potential new client) can leave your website with ease, and without an ounce of guilt, if they’re ‘just not feeling it.’

If you’re a business with a product or service to sell, we don’t need to remind you that you only have once chance to make a good first impression. The good news is that there are many simple ways to ensure potential clients love what they see when they click on your website for the first time (and stick around long enough for you to get to second base/receive a phone call!).  

So, first things first…


A sleek and professional website is the equivalent of a perfectly tailored suit – people take notice for all the right reasons.

Your visual identity makes you unique and should reflect who you are as a business. Are you loud and colourful? Understated and chic? Innovative and high-tech? Whatever look you’re going for, the home page of your website should always be professional, welcoming and perhaps a little intriguing. This visual identity should be consistent throughout all of your platforms (including business cards, social media accounts, printed collateral and email signature).

If you’re not the techy or artsy type, don’t worry - this is where a professional can help. From colour scheme and logo to layout, fonts and overall user experience, there are many talented designers and web experts out there who can assist in nailing your branding strategy.


We often judge a brand’s trustworthiness, likeability, attractiveness and competence within moments, so your written content is just as important as your visual identity (your tone of voice is also really important when it comes to sounding the part – and luckily for you, we’ve got a blog dedicated to this topic here!).

With only seconds to make a good first impression, the last thing you want is a potential client being turned off by boring or confusing content before they get a chance to learn how amazing your business is and what value you can offer them. And let’s face it – poor grammar isn’t sexy. Potential clients may be forgiving of the odd typo, but when you’re constantly misusing words like there/their/they’re, you risk looking unprofessional and lazy. Again, this is where the professionals come in!

It’s worth paying a few extra dollars to get the job done right because if you want to convince your target market that you’re the best in your field, you need to look and sound the part.

Tide Studio would love to help you create professional, polished and compelling copy, and we work with lots of other creatives and designers who can take care of the branding/website creation side of things. Get in touch today - we'll grab a coffee (or have a yarn over Skype) and throw around some ideas!


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