1)    Depending where you’re based, we’ll have a face-to-face or phone chat to see if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask you about your business and details about the project including goals, timeframe, budget and scope. We can brainstorm a few ideas and if it’s all going smooth as a gravy sandwhich, I’ll whip up a quote. You sign off and pay the deposit, then we get to work!

2)    To tell your story in a way that’ll resonate with your audience and inspire them to take action, I take time to learn what makes you tick. My briefing process is essentially a deep-dive into the heart and soul of your brand. (Haven’t figured out your brand personality just yet? No worries, ‘cause I can help with that too! Here’s where I’ll sum up your values, tone of voice, tagline, mission statement and key messages in a sexy little package). I also get inside the brains of your customers. I figure out what tickles their pickle, what keeps them tossing and turning at 3am and where they hang out, so I can make sure your copy won’t just reach them but demand their attention for all the right reasons.

3)    Time to bring your copy to life. I refine the content until I whisper ‘damn, that’s good’ and flick you a first draft. You have the chance to provide feedback, and together we make the necessary tweaks until it’s perfect.

4)    Your content goes live! Oh, and if your project calls for a little extra somethin’ somethin’, I can call on my buzzing network of designers, photographers, web developers, videographers and other creatives to ensure the finished product looks as good as it sounds. See… magic.




  • Website copywriting (home/about/services/portfolio/contact etc.)

  • Blogging

  • Editorial features & articles

  • Press releases

  • Digital marketing (social media strategy, e-newsletters and email automation sequences)

  • Editing and proofing

  • Business/individual profiles

  • Recruitment & advertisement copywriting

  • Brand strategy (vision & mission statements, taglines, tone of voice guides etc.)